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When featuring BOBBYBAER, the UK Teddybear Club International called it:

THE YING & YANG - perfectly balanced world of Barbara Spiga

And that it is !

In 1999, without artistic background neither visiting shows nor starting with buying a kit for a bear,

I simply got hit and hooked  the day when I received a greeting card that told me:

Teddy bears dry tears and give comfort and tenderness to everyone who needs them.

This became and still remains my slogan for creating bears and bear friends.

I really had no clue where and how to find supplies or how to start anyway - but the worst:

I didn't know how to sew!!!!!!!!

Whatever - who cares about such details??

As always in my life I could count on my mum.

She gave me encouragements, moral , practical and material help and to honour this continuous

Engagement I decided to call my creations BOBBYBAER........as my mum's nickname is Bobby.

From the beginning up to now I learned by doing and humbly can say that I made some huge leaps forward.

All BOBBYBAER creations are designed and hand sewn by my own as OOAK.


I also like to follow the ideas my collectors give to me.

So please don't hesitate to contact me if you want your special and very own BOBBYBAER.

I'll be very happy and pleased if you send me a message or sign my guest book.

Just remains to thank you for your visit and wish you much fun by visiting BOBBYBAER and BOBBYBAER - THE BLOG

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